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Welcome to DayzaMaries 😊

DayzaMaries is a small but motivated company specializing in all natural, handcrafted bath products. I believe passionately in excellent customee service, which is why I'm committed to giving you the best I have to offer.

If you’re looking to try all natural, you’re definitely in the right place!

Let me tell you a little of how DayzaMaries came to be.

In Sept. 2011 I, unfortunately, found myself unemployed. Having 2 children, and no source of income, was beyond stressfull. I knew I had to do something. Many applications later, and there was no luck.

In 2012, I began exploring my talents, all while continuing my second year of college. I started with simple homemade skincare recipes and handmade jewelry. Honestly, I became bored, (there's just so many circles and loops you can make) and began crocheting. I have made everything from blankets, socks and scarves, to sweaters, skirts and halter tops. Anxiety held me from going forward, fear of being ridiculed set in.

After hours of therapy, soul searching, and researching, I realized, I thoroughly enjoyed creating natural bath and skincare products. So at the end of 2019, I threw away over 40 pieces of, finished, crocheted items. Putting my full focus on bath/skincare.

Every product, you find here, my family and friends personally use on a regular bases. My family has not bought any store brand bath products, since the end of 2019.

Oh, the name? It's a combination of my older daughters names. It seemed fitting, as everything I was doing, was to support them. *Pronounced Déjà Maries*

Happy Shopping 😊

- Alecia -